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 WoW 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 patch link and Known 2.3.2 Issues (EN)

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MessageSujet: WoW 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 patch link and Known 2.3.2 Issues (EN)   Sam 12 Jan - 19:11

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WoW 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 patch link and Known 2.3.2 Issues
Other | Jan. 9, 2008 (3 days, 9 hours ago) | by keikun17 | via www.gamingnewslink.comDL WoW 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 patch here :
World of Warcraft 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 patch, Patch list and Known Issues

Known Issues :
World of Warcraft 2.3.2 Known Issues (as posted by Hortus)
- Dwarven racial Find Treasure is deactivated on death.
-Undead Males main hand weapon is appearing larger than previous builds.
-Equipping a thrown weapon while in the middle of an Auto-Shot will cause animation issues.
- The Gnome racial ability Escape Artist does not remove the Unstable Cloud debuff.
- Deleted characters take up space in an arena team.

-Inappropriate tooltip is displaying when a player hovers over Shartuul’s Transporter on a flying mount.
-Relogging on the flight path from Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills to Ironforge, Dun Morogh in the entrance to Ironforge causes players to fly through a wall.
-The flight path from Stormwind to Rebel Camp, Stranglethorn Vale clips through a tree outside of Stormwind.
-Alliance flight path between Booty Bay and Stormwind goes through a tree.
-There is a Feralfen Idol that is sunk into the floor in Feralfen Village, Zangarmarsh.
-There is a tin vein in Hillsbrad Foothills that is unreachable.
-There is a section of water that is clipping oddly into one of the waterfalls in Hatchet Hills outside of Zul’Aman.
-The message “Zul’Aman Exterior InvisMan gains Cosmetic - Flame Patch X.X” appears in the combat log whenever a troll hut is burning in Hatchet Hills.
-There is a leanto in Agama’gor, The Barrens that has no tooltip appearing but will be highlighted when moused over it.
-Players can wall jump a portion of the hallway to Gruul in Gruul’s Lair to reach a overhanging log beam where they can evade the mobs.
-Charge, Intercept, Intervene , and Feral Charge are displaying odd behavior when being used at 10 yards vertical range.

-There is a typo in the Quest Description Text of the Dustwallow Marsh quest “Thresher Oil”.
-There is a punctuation error in the acceptance text for the quest “Inspecting the Ruins” .
-The quest description of “Super Hot Stew” does not state exactly how many ingredients are needed to create a Demon Broiled Surprise .
-Splintertree Raiders do not respawn with Toerk if Duriel Moonfire and her guards are killed while the Raiders are still alive.
-The quest description text for “The Corpulent One” refers to it being a group quest.
-The quest “Bark For Drohn’s Distillery” is unattainable if the player has certain quests in his/her quest log.
-Quest Items are not lootable from chest objects when their tap list is issued on creation, and the object is summoned in via a pet.
- After applying the Healing Salve to a Debilitated Mag’har Grunt (16847) for the quest “Administering the Salve” the buff applied to the grunt displays an internal tooltip.
- There is a typo in the emote made by Bladespire Ogres when responding to the /point emote from a player who has become King of the Ogres.

-Hammer of Justice from Gathios the Shatterer is able to be reflected.
-Commander Springvale in Shadowfang Keep does not always drop superior quality loot.
-Nazan will melee players while in the air.
-It is possible for Zul’jin to perform Claw Rage improperly.
-Learning certain spells via a class trainer will cause the yellow spell effect to appear on the trainer rather than the player.
-The buff Phasing Invisibility on the Warp Stalker does not have a tooltip.
-Anchorite Ayuri has a male draenei voiceset.
-Goreclaw the Ravenous cannot be skinned.
-Cursed Lost One has an inappropriate buff for the zone in which it is located.
-There is an error in Sky-Captain Bomblast’s dialogue text on the Orgrimmar to Grom’gol zeppelin.
-Shattered Hand Heathen ability Bloodthirst has no tooltip description.
-Ogri’la Peacekeeper’s weapons are scaled too small.
-Exarch Orelis and Anchorite Karja can be attacked in Area 52.
-Flying units are sometimes not pathing in formation
- Felspine the Greater will evade after leashing.
- Gutripper will become stuck evading if you engage and leash it while it is in its flight phase.
- “Troll Commoner” gives incorrect directions to Great-father Winter during the Winter Veil holiday.


- Shapeshifting does not remove the movement impairing debuff Frost Breath.

-The tooltip for the Hunter Snake Trap spell has inappropriate text in it.
- Snakes from a Hunter’s Snake Trap can Daze players.
- The stamina tooltip for hunter pets sometimes reports an incorrect health increase.

- Mage’s Frost and Ice armors are affected differently from each other by the Frost talent Permafrost.

-Righteous Fury sometimes counts as two spells for purposes of dispel effects.
- Paladins can cast Blessing of Protection on other players while affected by Blind.

-Pain Suppression can be cast while silenced.
-Several priest spells and talents are not affected by Silent Resolve.
-Casting Vampiric Embrace does not consume Relentlessness which is the two-piece set bonus of the Avatar.
-Inner focus consumes Starshards even though it costs no mana.
-There is a word missing in the tooltip of priest discipline talent “Focused Will”.
- The Priest spell Touch of Weakness is consumed but has no effect if the Priest is hit while silenced.

-When Cheat Death absorbs an attack the combat log does not indicate which attack was absorbed.
-Rogue’s Cheat Death buff tooltip has a typo.

-The Shaman Talent Call of Thunder (Rank 5) is giving 2% extra crit, while ranks 1-4 only give 1% crit.
-Rockbiter Weapon’s tooltip and Action Bar icon are inconsistent with the other Shaman Weapon Enhancements’ tooltips and icons.

-The buff from Warlock talent Demonic Knowledge remains on enslaved demons after the enslavement is broken.
-Imp spell Blood Pact affects certain trinkets upon zoning into a Battleground.

-The stunning effect from Landslide’s Summon Shardling spell is not triggering a Warrior’s Second Wind ability.
-Warriors can shift into a stance they are already in with macros.

-Dog Whistle is an uncommon quality.
-The Robe of the Moccasin has a Use effect instead of an Equip effect.
-Batwing Mantle have a Use effect instead of an Equip effect.
-Serpent Gloves have a Use effect instead of an Equip effect.
-Item name of Torquoise Brooch is spelled incorrectly.
-Tooltip of Whipper Root Tuber does not mention its 2-minute cooldown.
-There is no effect when using the Medallion of the Alliance during Landslide’s Summon Shardling ability.
-Nimbus Boots have a Use effect instead of an Equip effect.
-Scroll of Strength V does not appear in the proper Auction House subcategory.
-Goblin Jumper Cables and Goblin Jumper Cables XL have no cooldown information in their tooltips.
-The quest item Battered Steam Tonk Controller procs the warrior talent Second Wind when controlled out of range.
-Mobs gain health during the stun effect from the Goblin Rocket Launcher.
-Gift of Arthas only stacks to 5.
-The Druid Gladiator PVP Helmet is not using the right texture for the set
-Baelog’s Shortbow is a common quality item.
-Snakeskin Bag is a common quality item.
-Vengeful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Hood and Vengeful Gladiator’s Satin Hood do not display Troll Tusks.
-Several gems with spell healing modifiers did not receive their additional spell damage modifiers.
- Players who attempt to buy arena items that require ratings above 1850 will receive an incorrect error message if the team rating is below 1850.

-The Formula: Large Prismatic Shard has a inconsistent icon.
-Shadow Oil does not fit into Leatherworking Bags.

UI-The sound effect heard when mouse-clicking on several options menus and options checkboxes do not always play.
-Cancelling the use of a Steam Tonk Controller will cause the tonk’s abilities to momentarily appear as a pet bar.
-Unit names do not appear in Alt-Z view.
-When a unique item drops that a player already has the automatically passing message is incorrectly telling the player he cannot use the item.
-The Guild Log window has several resizing issues.
- If raid permission icons are altered during a ready check, ready check icons will become stuck.
- If a ready check is begun before icons from a previous ready check have faded, some icons are not properly refreshed.
- Ready check in a Party is not properly cleared when leaders are changed during the check.
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WoW 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 patch link and Known 2.3.2 Issues (EN)
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